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What the Heck is IBX?

If you look at my price list in Salon or on my website & Social media you will see "IBX Natural Nail Treatment" I get asked all the time... "What is IBX?" The answer? (from my point of view anyway) IBX is the King of Nail Products! EVERYONE that "does nails" should have IBX on hand. It's name should be sung from the mountain tops! It is an essential product for every technician to have, whether you do Manicures only or create the most extravagant nail enhancements. Okay, enough over dramatising ;) but I am honestly surprised on a daily basis the number of beauty industry professionals that don't KNOW about IBX.

No Really, What is IBX?

IBX is a penetrative nail strengthening and repair system for natural nails. What this basically means is that IBX works from the inside out, so rather than sitting on top of the nail plate, heat is used to help the product absorb into the top layers of the nail plate which helps support the structure of the natural nail. IBX adds strength to your natural nail and also adds protection from everyday wear & tear and can assist in damage prevention from incorrect/accidental removal of Nail Enhancements (eg Gel Polish, Acrylics/Gels/Polygels/Dip Systems/Wraps/Soft Gel Extensions)

Is IBX for everyone?

Well, I could say YES absolutely! But in reality I have clients whose nails are naturally healthy and cared for correctly so they don't need that extra boost. If you have concerns about the health of your natural nails, if they are weak, peeling or splitting then definitely IBX is for you! Applying enhancements over they top of damaged nails is only a band-aid solution, sure they look good while you have them but take them off and you have the same nails underneath! IBX helps your nails from the inside-out, once it's applied it will grow out with your natural nail, you can't remove it, yes you will need to keep up with treatments but the schedule depends on your needs! Treatments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you'd like to know more about IBX please contact me to arrange a time for you to come in and have a chat!



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Here's some Before and After shots:

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