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Have You Been Duped?!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Has a nail technician ever told you “this” product is better than “that” one? Or have you been told to have “those” nails because they “won’t damage your natural nails”? Maybe you had a technician tell you that you have “Gel” nails but they have obviously used liquid & powder to create your nails... Then YES! You’ve been duped!

I’ve had multiple calls from potential clients asking if I do “this” type of nails or do I offer “that” type. Most of the time when I ask why they want “this or that” type of nail enhancement the answer is usually “Because my last nail tech/lady/guy told me it’s better” or “it doesn’t cause damage to my natural nails” I try to explain why this is incorrect, but I don’t think I’m very good on the phone.

It’s much easier for me to explain things in person this is why I prefer to meet my clients and actually consult with them. Have they had nails before? Did they have issues with them? Do they work/garden/clean? What are they wanting from their nails? Is this for a special occasion or are they keeping them? ALL these questions have input into what product I reccomend. There is no “One Size Fits All” in the nail industry and it’s why I offer different types of nail products.

All nail technicians will steer you towards what they are more comfortable using, this is not a bad thing, you will always get better nails when your tech is using a product they know. BUT if your tech says that gel is better than acrylic (or vice versa) or that Dip nails don't damage your natural nails, you need to ask their reasoning behind that statement or consider finding a new technician.

Just to be perfectly clear, all forms of nail enhancements can cause damage to your natural nails. This can be from incorrect application, clients failing to follow the suggested home care or improper removal of the enhancements. Each different type of nail enhancements have their pros and cons, from Gel Polish through to Hard Gels & Acrylics, and the best technicians out there will explain them to you, the worst technicians will tell you lies to justify their choice (eg this type of enhancement doesn't damage your natural nails) or bully you into something that isn't suited to you.

As with everything your best option is knowledge. If you care about your natural nails do your research, ask your potential nail technician questions, read their online reviews, maybe even talk to their existing clients. Don't always pick the cheapest, most expensive or the quickest. Sometimes finding the right nail technician for you is as hard as finding the right Hairdresser, Doctor or Dentist.



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