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It's All About That Base... Well, not all, but most!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Anyone can "Do Nails" but not everyone can do nails well. Just like blogging, anyone can Blog, but not everyone can do it well. I'm one of those that can't blog well. Obviously! This blog entry was originally written well over 3 years ago and I am only now re-writing it as I managed to delete the original just before posting it, which caused me to rage :( NONE of it saved and I didn't have the heart to start again until now.

The most important part of any set of nail enhancements (in my opinion) is my clients natural nails. If I don't care for and look after my clients natural nails it really doesn't matter what I put on them, or how I put it on the natural nail, I am setting my client up to fail. Without proper care and preparation of the natural nail any enhancements (Acrylic, Hard Gel, PolyGel, Dip Nails, Soak Off Gel, Gel Polish or even Nail Polish) that I apply WILL NOT LAST! The same is for every nail technician out there: Failed to prepare? Prepare to fail.

Correct preparation of the natural nail is essential for lasting Nail Enhancements. There are multiple steps when preparing nails for and nail enhancement service, they must be cleansed, correct cuticle care performed, the surface of the nails should be lightly buffed to remove shine and allow your chosen enhancement to adhere to the nail plate, the free edge of the nail should be filed evenly with no burring or rough edges and it is essential to use the correct preparation products (cleansers, primers, bonding agents). Skipping any of these steps can cause service breakdown which includes lifting away from the nail, brittle Enhancements, nails that just “pop off”.

I do my absolute best for every person that sits across from me at my nail table. Every client is unique, every client needs something different. If I treated every client the same only a small portion of my work would succeed, and I would fail as a nail technician.



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