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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

I was going to be writing a post about the importance of preparation work for beauty services, but something else has shot to the front of things to say... Late cancellations (within 24 hours) and no shows!

For me this last week in my lovely little nail salon has been madness! Back to back booked with clients, skipping lunches, finishing after 7pm most nights, working 2 Saturdays in a row, turning away potential clients, referring them to another technician and missing important time with my family. (I know this sounds like complaining I'm really not, bare with me, I love what I do I'm "Setting the scene") This past week has been one of my busiest on record BUT I lost a grand total of approximately 23% of my weekly income due to late cancellations and people not showing up for appointments.

Let's stop for a second and let that sink in... 23%... that's 23 cents out of every dollar earned!

How would you be feeling if your employer gave you your pay cheque at the end of the week and said "Oh, by the way it's been quiet this week and we are only going to pay you $770 instead of the $1000 you should be getting." You'd be pretty upset, maybe calling Fair Work or A Current Affair to report your employer. A self employed, small business owner has no recourse for this type of thing, we have to grin and bare it. Some of you may say that I work from home, I could go do other things instead... and yes, I can go do other things, but I have a weekly budget that I work on for my estimated income for the week, the tax & super I have to pay, the bills I have outstanding and those I have coming up, I still have inventory to purchase and materials to replace.

I don't want to bore you but I do want to share some statistics here for you... Back in 2014 in Queensland, taxpayers were footing a bill for almost $4 million a month due to missed specialist appointments. That was $48 Million in 12 months! This is one small section of one industry. It does not include the lost income off general GP's, Beauty Therapist, Hairdressers, Counselors... etc... I could keep going with how many people that can be affected by this. Most business now try to reduce the likelihood of this happening by sending reminder messages either by email or text (this is something I do), others have started to take a harder stance and now charge for the missed time either a set fee, the cost of the appointment or a non-refundable booking fee before you can book another appointment. And then there are other businesses that have a 3 strike policy, you miss your appointments, you just can't get another!

Running a business in today's economic climate is already hard, business owners are spending more then ever to get clients and keep clients, our costs go up and our margins get smaller. I guess the whole point of this article is to say, be kind to those businesses that offer your their services. By booking an appointment at your local hairdresser, beauty therapist, doctor, counselor, psychic etc you really are entering into a contract with them, they schedule time out of their day for you on the understanding that you are going to be paying them for that time. We all have smart phones & those smart phones have calendars, apart from emergencies that crop up from time to time, there really is no reason to be missing your appointments!



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