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What if I fall?... Oh my Darling, what if you FLY?

What if I fall?... Oh my Darling, What if you FLY?

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Angelic Nail Designs, but not only that, September 19 be certainly one o' me most favourite days o' th' year.... International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Okay, so I love the idea of it, it's so kitchy, I just can't commit to a whole day of Pirate Talk.

Over the last few weeks I have been reminiscing about how I have gotten to where I am today with Angelic Nail Designs and thinking over where I would like to head in the future.The past three years have certainly been interesting, challenging and an amazing experience. When I left the Gympie salon I worked at, prior to opening my home based salon, I was suffering major burn out, I had 3 jobs to juggle, trying to keep up commitments to all 3, spend time with my family and be an enthusiastic & happy employee in a work place that was starting to turn toxic around me. I had given up. I loved my nail clients and the work I was doing but the environment was failing to nurture me and I left there not wanting to work with in the beauty industry again.

Then something amazing happened, all the beautiful women that I had cared for during my time in salon... Would. Not. Let. Me. Quit! Where I had been left to feel burnt out & discarded these wonderful women, my nail clients, made me feel wanted & needed. Some had my phone number, others were on Facebook, a few even staked out my favourite coffee shop and all of them wanted to know the same thing. "When can you do my nails?" It isn't really something that you can turn your back on, after all, I loved what I did, just not the environment I was doing it in. I felt empowered knowing that these lovely ladies held me, and my skills as a nail technician, in such high regard that they needed to track me down. My whole outlook had been flipped on it's head, I went from burnt out to inspired. My husband and I got to work changing my home office into my home nail studio, it took us a few days to have a minimal setup that I could start taking on a few clients a week.

Since then my clientele has grown (as has my Polish/Gel Polish collection), my work hours have increased and I'm running a fortnight booked in advance... with waiting list! I had added other beauty services to what I do, completing courses in Eyelash Extension and Spray Tanning, unfortunately I am so busy with nails that I have had to put these services on hold. I also got my hands on Australia's Hottest & Best (in my opinion) New Make Up Brand "Smitten Cosmetics" I post on social media about their range of products almost as much as I do my nails and, as my clients would tell you, I rave about this range! Constantly.

I feel successful, yet I want more. So I am looking to the future, what can I change to be able to grow? What skills do I need to focus on? Can I expand? Should I expand? Will I take on too much or will I be overly cautious and falter? I strive to do my best and to be the best Nail Technician that Gympie has. The future is bright & opportunities abound.



Angelic Nail Designs

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